WWE Supercard season 4 has arrived!

The newest season of WWE supercard is here and it’s more of the same! If you’ve enjoyed working your way through the previous seasons then your in luck! Three brand new tiers ” beast, monster and Titan” That should keep you busy unless your a rich ass who would spend hundreds of pound/dollars/what ever currency you use! But if you are one of those whales fear not, the game has brand new unified PvP leagues which will rotate weekly between war (ranked) royal rumble and the brand new elimination chamber. Cp points or some shit like that is won from them and used to buy cards etc! It’s still got everything it had before and more but like most freemium games it’s a lot easier if you pay, but the determined player can reach the top through a lot of hard work! Iv only had a hour or so with it but To sum it up, It’s probably the best WWE game available on mobile phones!

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