WWE Survivor Series Predictions!

With one of the big four wwe Ppv’s a few days away I’m handing out my predictions for what’s going to happen.

Brock Lesnar Vs Aj Styles

This match is gonna be a hell of a lot better than the brock v mahal match we could of had. Aj can have a decent match with a broom stick so this has the potential to be match of the night. Brock will win (and continue winning until wrestlemania) but it’s gonna be a closer contest than most brock matches. They might give Aj a out by having mahal interfere in the match but hopefully they won’t go that route!

Brock wins!

Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown

This is a hard one to call, both teams have some big stars and it really could go either way, WWE sees raw as it’s A show so my guess is raw will win. There will probably be some shenanigans with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and even Jason Jordan getting involved, and more likely than not Shane will do something mental involving either a high place or a table, or maybe both!

Team Raw Wins

Women’s team Raw vs women’s team smackdown

I am so not interested in this match, I couldn’t care less, that being said asuka’s undefeated streak won’t end at survivor series so Raw wins

Women’s team Raw wins

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss

So far all the matches I have predicted have been Raw wins so to even things up I can see Charlotte winning this one. Carmella has just ditched Ellsworth so this could be the perfect time for her to cash in! Keep a eye out for her after the match as finished

Charlotte wins

The shield vs New Day

This ones gonna be a slober knocker! Look for this one to steal the show, I’m expecting a dam good match! It could go either way but in the end I’m gonna have to go with the shield since this is there first Ppv match since reforming (actually with roman)

Shield wins

The Usos vs The Bar

This one also has the potential to be a show stealer, both teams have been putting in some great performances recently and once again it could go either way, my guess is that the Usos pull off the victory to keep the scores for raw and smackdown closer

The Usos win

Baron Corbin vs The Miz

This is another match that I have little interest in, I’m gonna say Corbin to make the final score raw 4 smackdown 3

Baron Corbin wins

Enzo vs kalisto

Enzo is the star of the cruiser weights since Neville’s disappearance and I find it highly unlikely that he will drop the title here.

Enzo wins

Overall raw squeaks out the win in the main event, should be a good show with quite a few matches that I’m looking forward to watching!


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