Ranking the Generations of Pokémon

To celebrate the release of ultra sun and ultra moon iv decided to rank each of the generations of Pokémon. If you disagree then feel free to tweet at me @greedybeetle . So let’s get straight into it:

7 Unova (gen 5)

This one could be very unfair as these are the only generation I haven’t played. By the time these games came out I was tapped out on Pokémon. Iv heard very good things like interesting story and great new Pokémon but I can’t put it higher as iv not played it!

6 Sinnoh (gen 4)

This is the generation that caused me to tap out on Pokémon, I finished it but can’t in all honesty tell you anything about it, iv forgotten it all, that’s how dam good this one is. Maybe it should be bottom? Let me know

5 Kalos (gen 6)

These games where pretty good but they just missed the mark, there was some pretty poor dialogue but that’s most Pokémon games to be fair. They introduced mega evolutions and the fairy type Pokemon, cheers for that.

4 hoenn (gen 3)

It was the remakes of this generation that brought be back to Pokémon, all three starters are pretty kool and it’s got Rayquaza in it, enough said

3 aloha (gen 7)

The newest generation broke from tradition gone are the gyms which makes for a real breath of freshness in these game that for close to 20 years have followed the same formula, gyms, evil teams, elite four! Incineroar is pretty dam awesome too

2 Kanto (gen 1)

The games that started it all! Spawned everything Pokémon, I was unsure as to whether this deserved to be top as with out it none of the others would exist! When this was released the world hadn’t seen a game like this! To call it revolutionary is a understatement, I don’t think I have the word to truly describe this game so I won’t. (It’s pretty fucking good)

1 Johto (gen 2)

These games are my favourite of all time, they took perfection and improved it. They added the day/night cycle, they also added the steel and dark Pokémon. They also added Shiny Pokémon. If you listen very carefully you can hear them “your welcome”

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