What if… Omega loses

The wrestling world has been buzzing about this match since it was announced for wrestle kingdom but no one is really questioning the outcome. Jericho loses and is back in WWE for in time for wrestlemania, but What if… Jericho wins? What if he returns to WWE the gloating prick heel he is so great at. Could we possibly see the rematch between the two take place a few months later on the grandest stage of them all, wrestlemania? This move could be beneficial to both companies, many WWE fans (me included) will be watching WK and some will stick around after the show to continue watching NJPW and a rematch at wrestlemania would put even more eyes on there arguably biggest star in Omega. NJPW fans would be tuning in to see there man get his revenge and a lot of them would dam sure stick around for the rumoured nakamura vs Aj Styles title match, it could be whats best for business. Now all of this is highly unlikely but hey it’s wrestling and anything can happen!

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