Fantasy Booking: Neville

Neville is one of the most talented wrestler on the wwe roster right now! (If he actually still works there) the last we saw he was the shining light of the cruiser weights, but he could and in my opinion should be much more than that! His matches are constantly quality and he’s proven he can do it all heel or face, just take a look back at his run as NXT champion or cruiser weight champion and tell me I’m wrong! The best possible place for Neville isn’t on raw or 205 live, it’s on Smackdown. Just think of the matches he could have with nakamura or styles, they would be match or the year candidates without a doubt. In my fantasy booking I would stick him with the super best friends Owens and Zayn. Let him be the great heel he can be. Give him the chance to work the best baby faces in the company (nakamura and Styles) before turning him face and letting him once again have match of the year quality matches with Zayn and Owens.

Agree, disagree let me know @greedybeetle on Twitter

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