Top 10 Pokemon of Gen 1

After Ranking the generations of Pokémon iv decided to rank the top 10 Pokemon of generation 1. This list isn’t based on a Pokémon stats, it’s based on the ones I loved using in my play throughs. If you disagree take to twitter and hurly me some virtual abuse!

10. Alakazam

This bad boy psychic Pokémon got me out of some tricky situations.

9. Moltres

The worse of the three legendary birds was still pretty badass.

8. Blastoise

This Pokémon normally ended up with surf and strength but still kicked so much ass!

7. Articuno

The ice bird! Frosty the ice eagle

6. Mew

Has to borrow a mates action replay to get the bad boy

5. Nidoking

This is a real monster! He can learn some of the best moves in the game and he looks pretty fucking kool too

4. Zapdos

The electric bird, the best of the legendary birds.

3. Mewtwo

The clone of a Pokémon not available in the games first release! Great marketing

2. Chancey

When this fucker was lvl 100 he had over 600hp absolute nob to put down!

1. Charizard

Hands down The best starter in the game and his tails on fire!

And that’s the list! Do you agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, or tweet at me @greedybeetle


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