Clash of Champions Predictions

After scoring 100% with my Survivor series predictions, I’m back for another round of guessing what WWE is thinking!

Aj Styles vs jinder Mahal

the rematch that hardly any one wanted to see! I’m calling Aj on this one as the jinder experiment hasn’t really worked and it would make sense for Aj to keep up the gold till mania where he can drop it to nakamura in a wrestlemania dream match.

Aj Wins

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton & Nakamura (Shane & Bryan Special Referees)

If Kevin and Sami lose there fired, so I think there gonna win this one, there’s bound to be some fall out between Shane and Bryan and a screwy finish to the match but with three former NXT champions in this match it has potential to be match of the night

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn win

Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

I got no interest in this match, I’m gonna guess flair as she’s only just won the gold, the lumberjacks will probably play into the finish with them riot people, what ever really

Charlotte Flair

Corbin vs Roode vs Ziggler

I personally would love to see roode win this to make the US title glorious, but I can see Corbin stealing the victory at the last moment to prolong the rivalry

Corbin wins

The Usos vs New Day vs Shelton & Gable vs rusev & English

This one has got Usos written all over it! New day don’t need the titles, Shelton and gable are still on the rise and rusev and English have only just started getting over with the universe.

The Usos Win

The Bludgeon Brothers vs breezango

Breezango don’t stand a chance! The ex Wyatt family have been squashing everyone so there gonna win this one

The bludgeon Brothers win

Zack Ryder vs Mojo Rawley

I think this one is on the kick off show and really who cares! Mojo is the heel and Zack hasn’t really been anything, not even after he got him self over as the internet champion. So mojo wins but once again who cares

Mojo wins

And that’s all of them agree, disagree let me know tweet at me @greedybeetle

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