Pokémon on Switch Details Leaked!

The whole Internet has been a buzz with the recent Pokémon 0 and Pokémon 1 hoax this past week, Proving that the Pokémon community cannot wait for details about the upcoming switch game. Well wait no more!! I have a few confirmed details about the game from a secret source within game freak! This is a World exclusive for me so please share this around. let’s get down to business and look at these exclusive details.

  • The game on the switch will come in two separate versions! (To be named) this is a complete shocker, each version will have exclusive Pokémon that can only be caught in that game so you best get some friends with the other version if you want to complete your Pokédex!
  • Certain Pokémon will be able to evolve! That’s right some of your favourite Pokémon will have a new evolution. This will change the game completely
  • There will be new unseen before Pokémon! You heard be right, brand new Pokémon to collect!
  • The trainer you play as will be either male or female! It’s up to you, you can choose either, and each one will have customisable clothing options!
  • There will be brand new legendary Pokémon with the power to end the world! This one is huge from a storyline point of view and will power the majority of the story!
  • It will take place in a brand new land! Forget kanto, johoto and the rest this game will take place in a brand new and shiny land, complete with a desert and icy mountains!

Well that’s all the details I have for now, be sure to share this story! Leave a comment below or tweet at me @greedybeetle . I’ll be back with more details as I find them

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