Top 10 Pokémon of Generation 2

After ranking the Generation 1 Pokémon it’s now time for generation 2 (gold and silver) this generation saw 100 brand new Pokémon added to the game and here’s my top 10 (personal preference not stats or anything like that)

10. Pichu

A baby Pikachu! Enough said!

9. Ho-oh

The legendary bird that ash see’s in the first episode of the anime, based on the Phoenix with rainbow feathers and all sorts.

8. Porygon2

The virtual reality Pokémon but with updated graphics. The sequel Pokémon, better than the original (empire strikes back)

7. Scizor

Take the mean looking bug Pokémon scyther and wrap him in metal! Do I need to say more? Metal crab hands!!

6. Umbreon

Eevee has a lot of evolutions but this is one of the best, the high friendship night time evolution!

5. Politoed

The tadpole Pokémon finally evolves into what he should have always evolved into, a frog.

4. Entei

The coolest looking of the legendary dogs and breaths fire! That’s a bad ass pooch.

3. Tyranitar

This one is clearly Godzilla! He looks like a complete bad ass, the down side is his type dark/ground which means he has lots of disadvantages but dam he looks kool.

2. Lugia

Of the two legendary birds of this generation this is hands down the best looking and strongest, it’s not water either it’s god dam psychic!

1. Blissey

This cute AF Pokémon has over 600hp, can take a beating and heal itself with softboiled this was hands down my favourite for pissing all my friends off when I was a kid! An absolute beast in pink.

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  1. Great list. It’s so hard to narrow down the Pokemon for me. There are too many good ones! I love fire-types and they introduced dark-types in gen 2. I’ll admit I was surprised to see Blissey as number one.

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