Top 10 Pokémon of Generation 3

It’s time for generation 3! Be sure to Check out the Generation 2 and Generation 1 lists! There were 135 new Pokémon introduced in this generation and here are the 10 best! This is based on personal preference, not stats or anything like that!

10. Deoxys

Crazy space virus turned Pokémon alien thing, it’s got DNA strands for arms which begs the question “what were they smoking when they came up with this?”

9. Latios and Latias

I’m counting these two Pokémon as one because there pretty much the same!

8. Blaziken

The first starter to make a list since charizard in gen 1, he looks a bit like ken from street fighter and can also kick you so hard you’ll catch fire!

7. Milotic

Like generation 1’s gyarados this Pokémon evolves from a dumbass fish into a beast.

6. Salamence

We live a game of thrones world where dragons are fucking cool! This is a dragon, he is cool!

5. Aggron

A huge Metal Godzilla, this generations Tyranitar but wrapped in steel. Pretty bad ass

4. Manectric

A better electric dog than the legendary electric dog Raikou!

What the hell is that? Just look at it! Wtf?

3. Kyogre

This legendary Pokemon has the power to flood the entire planet, not bad for a whale with wings


The personification of land itself, mortal enemy of the whale with wings kyogre! Master of land!

1. Rayquaza

See Number 6! This is a dragon, he is fucking cool! He’s also enough of a badass he can keep both Groudon and Kyogre from destroying the planet.

And that’s the list, agree, Disagree? Leave a comment below or tweet @greedybeetle. You can also find me on Facebook just search greedy beetle

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