Top 10 Pokémon of generation 4

It’s time for us to visit generation 4 (diamond and pearl) Warning there’s quite a few Gods in this list! Watch out atheists! Be sure to check out Generation 1, Generation 2 and Generation 3 lists

10. Lucario

Not a god but based on a Egyptian god. Does that count as a god?

9. Garchomp

Hammerhead shard on a dragon! Great!

8. Porygon Z

The virtual reality Pokémon has evolved again! Even better graphics but it’s not called porygon 3 it’s called Z because stuff is cooler with a Z (Dragonball Z)

7. Uxie, Mespirt and Azelf

I know, iv counted three Pokémon as one! It’s my list I’ll do what I want dam it! There basically the same Pokémon

6. Palkia

God of space, did this one create deoxys?

5. Darkrai

This shadow Pokémon inhabits dreams and causes nightmares! Just like Freddy, I imagine he kills them too he’s not a nice fella

4. Regigigias

The king regi, master of all other regi’s (all three of them) legendary Titan of Titans. Looks a little stupid tho

3. Dialga

God of time, no flux-capacitor required! This one created time! Think about that for a minute, with out this one time stands still? If I catch him does time stop? Can he take me to the future to find out the winning lottery numbers?

2. Giratina

A ghost dragon! Need I say more? Okay, it’s a evil God! God of antimatter or some shit! He looks terrifying

1. Arceus

God! This fuckers another god! Literally created everything you know and love, can still be caught and jammed into a small ball tho

And that’s this list! Agree, Disagree? Leave a comment below or tweet @greedybeetle or find us on Facebook just search for greedy beetle


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