Dark Souls on Switch, Will it be any good?

It was announced yesterday at the Nintendo mini direct, that Dark Souls remastered would be coming to Nintendo switch. The question many people are wondering is “will it be any good?” Dark souls was originally released in the tail end of 2011, that’s 7 years ago and on the last generation of consoles. If they can’t make it run smoothly on a Nintendo Switch there in the wrong business. While this is a remastered version, it will obviously lack the graphics of its big boy counterparts the PS4 and Xbox 1. Many will see this a bad point but as Doom proved last year it is possible to downscale graphics and keep the fun gameplay loops intact. I mean if a game looks great but is no fun to play, then why bother. Dark Souls has a reputation for being extremely difficult and unforgiving. The fun coming from finally overcome these hard challenges. If this gameplay loop is kept tight and fully intact the lack of super high graphics will not matter. The fact that you’ll be able to take this away from the TV and take with you to play anywhere never hurts. As all in all this has the potential to be one of the best games on the Switch, let’s just hope they don’t fuck it up!

Do you think it will be any good? Leave a comment below or tweet @greedybeetle on Twitter. You can also find me on Facebook just search for greedy beetle

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