Top 10 Pokémon of Generation 5

I haven’t played black and white, so this time around iv enlisted the help of Gareth David Williams author of “The Dilettantes: Book One: Our New history” you can purchase the book On amazon here so let’s get on with it!

10. Sawsbuck

Kind of similar to an honourable mention, Sawsbuck gets the number 10 spot for it’s gimmick alone: The game world of gen 5 passes through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The landscape changes along with other cool things, including Sawsbuck’s appearance. Like me swapping my scarf and big coat for flip-flops and short shorts, Sawsbuck is a Pokemon for all seasons!

9. Simisage

Way cooler than it’s mildly derpy brothers, Simipour and Simisear. Simisage is badass looking and learns Seed Bomb at a fairly early level, which is a decent move even in the late game. Like it’s bro’s this Pokemon is based on one of the three wise monkeys; speak no evil, bitches!

8. Darmanitan

Bagging yourself a Zen Mode Darmanitan by feeding one of the statues outside the Relic Castle a Rage Candy Bar is pretty novel (it basically goes hyper on chocolate). When it’s health drops below half it changes to Zen Mode Darmanitan, a little chunky Buddha statue looking guy, and gains psychic as a secondary type. It’s more useful having a regular Darmanitan to be honest, but as a lover of gimmicks, it deserves a mention. Besides, as a wise man once said: it’s not about being good, it’s about looking good.

7. Krokorok

It’s not too often that a middle evolution is cooler than it’s final one, but Krokorok’s design is more consistent with Sandile’s whereas Krookadile goes off the rails a little bit, so the middle child gets the nod here. Moxie is a super fun ability, and Krokorok sounds pretty badass when he says his name in the anime.

6. Seismitoad

I punished fools like an ace because of my Seismitoad knowing the move Scald, one of my favourite water moves. Plus teaching it Echoed Voice was the best way for me to get past the electric Gym in Gen 5. He’s a big ol’ toad who ain’t taking shit from anybody, and I love him. Move over Quagsire, you’ve been replaced.

5. Stoutland

Recently shown the love he deserves by becoming a Ride Pokemon in Alola, Stoutland is a badass dog who would be handy to have around in real life, whenever you lose your car keys, socks, or first born child. His speed stat is surprisingly high, so teaching it the TM Retaliate, and bringing it in as a late game sweeper to avenge it’s fallen brothers is pretty fun.

4. Emolga

There’s a bunch of Pikachu clones throughout the gens, but Emolga might be the best. As it’s part Flying type, Ground moves won’t even touch it. You’d better bring Rock or Ice types to the fight, otherwise this little squirrel will slap the shit out of you.

3. Golurk

Beating an Alolan Pokemon that did the same thing, Golurk was the first Ghost/Ground type, and it’s so freaking cool it almost hurts. Go ahead kids, piss about at the beach with your crappy sandcastle, I’ll be over here punching things to death with my haunted golem of doom. Mwahaha, MWAHAHAHA!

2. Eelektross

Everybody loves that Vikavolt is an electric type Pokemon with Levitate, but Eelektross did it first, and arguably way better. It’s an absolute beast and unlike Vikavolt, you don’t have to wait until one of the last areas in the fucking game in order to evolve it!

1. Cofagrigus

Zorua and Zoroark might have the Illusion ability which is kind of fun to troll people with, but Cofagrigus’ ability, Mummy, is even more brutal, and is actually useful against the cpu. Any Pokemon who even dares to touch this floating coffin of awesomeness has their ability replaced with Mummy, potentially losing an advantage. Come at me bro.

And that’s the list! Agree, Disagree? Let us know in the comments below or tweet at me @greedybeetle on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook just search for greedy beetle


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