The 21 Weakest Pokémon of all Time! (Part3)

We’re down to the final 4! The Weakest of the weak! These are weaker than the caterpillars and cocoon. That should be statement enough!


Falling short of a medal With a grand total of 194


I don’t know what this is? Cricket cross something

3rd (bronze medal)

The Weakest baby with a total of 190 base stats


A cute baby Pokémon, can’t really pick on this one to much because he’s a little cutie

2nd (silver medal)

the former champion until the release of sun and moon. The total base stats are 180


Its a seed! A sprouting seed.

1st (gold medal)

weaker than a seed with a total base stat of 175


You gotta be weak as shit to be worse than a seed! A SEED! Now this one does have a different form which sees hundreds of these weak fish join together like the avengers of the sea, becoming 5 times stronger! But that’s still lots of these weak fish. Congratulations to the new champion of crap!

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