Top 21 Weakest Pokémon of all Time!

This list isn’t based on personal preference, it’s based on the total of a Pokémon’s base stats. If you come across some of these bad boys in battle you’ve probably got a easy win on your hands! I know 21 is a weird number but there are quite a few Pokémon tied in numerous positions! So let’s get on with it!

joint 18th

These 4 Pokémon all have a total base stat of 210 which considering the strongest none mega evolutions has 720 is pretty poor!


A apple shaped Pokémon, the only way this one could do damage is if another Pokémon picked it up and then through it at the target


The fighting baby! Becomes dangerous after lvl 20 when it evolves


Known as the water fish Pokémon, dunno why! It looks nothing like a fish


The baby ballon Pokémon! It does look like a balloon!

Joint 13th

these 5 Pokémon all have a total base stat of 205 and 4 of them are cocoon Pokémon


Its a cocoon


And another


The baby Pikachu! Cute but weak as piss


Another cocoon


And yet another one! There pretty shit

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