Royal Rumble Predictions (part 2)

Okay predicting a winner for the rumble has always been a difficult task, WWE likes to throw the odd curve ball (swerve) to present us with something we never saw coming! So for this round of predictions I’ve chosen a favourite ( worth 1 point) a second favourite ( half a point) and a swerve ( 5 points)

Women’s Royal Rumble

There are two front runners for this one and one of them hasn’t even had a match! Ronda Rousey is joint favourite with the bookies to win the whole thing and she was recently pictured meeting triple H. The signs point to at very least her debut at the Rumble. I’m not to sure if a woman who has had no part in the women’s revolution, hasn’t appeared on TV and so far hasn’t officially signed with the company is a good pick to win the Rumble, Asuka would be the smart choice (the other favourite with the bookies) but the match I want to see at mania is Rousey vs Asuka. The best way to get there is with Ronda Winning

1st pick Ronda Rousey wins

2nd pick Asuka Wins

Swerve winner Becky Lynch

Men’s Royal Rumble

The two rumoured title matches for Wrestlemania are brock vs lesnar and aj vs nakamura, so the obvious choice here is nakamura or reigns. I want nakamura to win but I don’t trust WWE to not have reigns win yet again and showered in boo’s. Hopefully they will have learnt from there previous Royal Rumbles.

1st Pick Shinsuke Nakamura wins

2nd Pick Roman Reigns Wins

Swerve Winner Finn Balor

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