Is Spoofing Ruining Pokémon Go?

What is Spoofing?

First off I’d better explain what Spoofing is as some people won’t have heard of it. Spoofing is the use of a app or a hack to falsify your location in Pokémon go. This means that While I’m stuck at my desk at work my Pokémon Go character could be hundreds of miles away catching rare Pokémon or taking part in raid battles. Spoofing is against Niantics terms and conditions and can result in being banned from the game. There are various side loaded apps that can achieve this which I’m not going to explain (if your really interested in this just do a search on YouTube, there’s loads of videos that can explain it much better than I could) most of the time they just add a little joystick to move your character around as well as teleporting to different areas of the world and some even have a auto walk function

Is Spoofing Fun?

I’m not going to lie, I created a new account for Spoofing and iv had a lot of fun doing it. Iv been able to catch more Pokémon than playing the game normally find all the rare ones that iv never even seen playing the game normally (I’m looking at you porygon) take part it raids I would have missed normally, i even got my hands on a ex raid pass and caught The Mewtwo that came with it. These are things I was missing out on playing normally. It’s at the point now where the Spoofing account is better than my normal account. And it was all achieved without walking 100 yards.

So Is Spoofing Ruining The Game?

This is the £1 million pound question! Spoofing really is a two sided coin. While Spoofing has added to my enjoyment of the game, it was also taken away something that was a important part of the Pokémon Go experience. If I had been Spoofing around on the last community day I would have missed the chance to talk to some real people who where also out catching the thousands of Dratini. Iv missed the chance to talk to some real people while out at raids, and that was a big part of the Pokémon go experience meeting other people out in the real world that also enjoy Pokémon. Pokémon has always had a decent community surrounding it and spoofing takes away from that.

Can it be Fixed?

Spoofing is fun! Niantic won’t be able to stop people Spoofing so there best bet would be to embrace it. Let everyone have to ability to walk anywhere and look for rare Pokémon. But keep the gyms and raids as things you actually have to turn up to. Best of both worlds.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below or tweet at me @greedybeetle on Twitter, you can also find me on Facebook just search for greedy beetle

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