How To Fix Pokémon Go

Stop! I can hear you already! Pokémon Go isn’t broken. Well currently there are two ways of playing Pokémon go, the normal way and the Spoofing way. Both are fun, which is really a testament to the game Niantic created. But the playing field at the moment isn’t even, spoofers can get all the Pokémon! Your not gonna be able to stop the Spoofing community, last time Niantic tried there were work arounds available in only a few hours. The only way to fix this problem (as some people see it) is to embrace it. Niantic is a business, there business goal like almost all businesses is to make money. There not going to do something that would hurt there business, that’s just common sense. So they could spin this to make themselves money. Offer Spoofing for coins. 400 coins buys you 1 week of Spoofing, a Spoofing pass (Niantic can come up with a better name) 350 coins can be collected in the game from gym battles in a week so if you want to spoof that’s 79 pence or 99 cents or whatever currency you use a week to do so. Hell they could go all in and offer £/$4.99 monthly subscription to spoof. That’s money in Niantic pocket from something people are already doing. Yes they may lose money from people not buying poke balls and items but really if your buying poke balls your playing the game wrong, so the money they make from Spoofing would easily cover the money they would lose. Another important thing to realise is spoofers tend to spend money on the game to! Since I started Spoofing iv started paying real money for raid passes. The ability to travel to raids has increased my need for raid passes. If everyone can spoof everyone will need more raid passes (yet more money for Niantic) It brings Spoofing into the community instead to being shunned. Stops people’s phones from being at risk from third party apps/hacks. Niantic can keep there community days by turning Spoofing off during the time period(community days are awesome). They could make it so you can only do ex raids in person. You can’t spoof outside of your own country so those regional Pokémon retain there value. And best of all it stops the stupid argument about Spoofing.


This is for you skim readers 8)

  • Spoofing added to the game
  • Charge money for Spoofing “pass”
  • Money in Niantics pocket
  • Happy Niantic happy spoofer
  • If everyone can spoof everyone will need more raid passes (even happier Niantic)
  • Even playing field for every one with pvp in mind
  • No Spoofing to other countries so regional Pokémon retain value with trading in mind
  • No Pokémon trainer phones at risk from third party apps/ hacks
  • No more stupid arguments about Spoofing Ruining the game

Agree? Disagree? Have any better ideas? Leave a comment below or tweet at me @greedybeetle on Twitter. You can also find me on Facebook just search for greedy beetle.

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