Best EX Raid Counters for Mewtwo

If you find yourself in the possession of a ex raid pass in Pokémon go then you’ve got yourself a date with this bad boy. Mewtwo is pure psychic so his weakness are dark, ghost and bug. Here are some of the best counters out there


This beast is a great counter for most raids and a must for every Pokémon trainer out there! being a rock/dark type is perfect for Mewtwo especially with the move bite and crunch


This gen 1 monster can learn both bite and crunch same as Tyranitar making him pretty dam good agains Mewtwo and also Lugia


One of the best dark types in the game! He can dish out a lot of damage only downside to him is he can’t take a lot of damage I believe the word is glass cannon


Fight fire with fire! Mewtwo is a great counter to himself as he takes reduced damage from psychic moves and can learn Shadow ball which is a ghost move and super effective against himself


Another glass cannon. Won’t last long but can really dish out the pain especially with a sucker punch shadow ball combo

There’s a few raid counters for Mewtwo if you’ve got a few of these in your team you should be find against that evil clone. Got anything to add? Leave a comment below. You can also check out The best raid counters for Lugia

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