Avengers Infinity War Predictions!

The new Avengers movie is getting close so I’m taking my predictions and jamming them onto Marvels latest offering! All I know about this movie is from the trailers I have no inside man/woman.

Deaths Galore!

I’m predicting some pretty major deaths in this one. I think that is pretty obvious for most people, it shouldn’t come as a shock for most. Here are my favourites to bite the dust in this movie.

  • Captain America, comic book cap was shot and killed after civil war. His death would have a huge impact really put over Thanos as a BMF
  • Loki, seen in the trailer with the tesseract and then never again. Probably gets smashed by Thanso after handing it over.
  • The Vision. He’s got one of the Infinity Stones in his head! Most likely to cop it when the stone is removed
  • Pepper potts, rumoured to be in the iron man suit than Thanos punches in the trailer. I’d say a broken face
  • Hawkeye, missing from the trailers! Now in the comic books Thanos kills half the universe with a snap of his fingers. Could this be hawkeyes fate? Or maybe they saving him for something else altogether? 50/50 on this one.

Now these movies are based on comic books and comic book characters are always die and come back again so a death isn’t always permanent in the marvel universe.

Missing Soul Stone!

There’s one Infinity Stone missing from the MCU at the moment and it’s the soul stone. Where is it? No idea. And I dont think it’s gonna appear in this movie. I think this movie is gonna be a lot like Empire Strikes Back as in the bad guys come out on top. Thanos will come smash the world to pieces take the Stones that are on earth and then leave again. Setting the stage for the next Avengers Movie and the big show down.

The Hulk will be playing the part of the Silver Surfer

This is a easy one to see if you’ve read the comic book, the pictures above pretty much prove that the the hulk will be smashed all the way back to earth by Thanos and he will be the one to warn Dr Strange of Thanos’s arrival.

There’s some Predictions for you, what do you think about this? Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet at me @greedybeetle on Twitter. You can also find me on Facebook just search for greedy beetle

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