Will Roman Reigns Win the Title At Greatest Royal Rumble?

The Greatest Royal Rumble is tomorrow and rumours have been flying that it will be Romans time to slay the beast and win the gold (and more importantly not boo’ed while doing it) but I’m hearing new reports that this might not be case. These reports are that WWE wants to break Cm punks record 434 day reign, the longest in the modern era of WWE wrestling. This is probably because of the upcoming lawsuit between the two. For WWE to do this brock must keep the gold till the 19th of June. Which means it will be past money in the bank before brock finally drops the gold

What do you think of this rumour? Should brock break cm punks reign? Let me know in the comments below or tweet at me @greedybeetle on Twitter. You can also find me on Facebook just search for greedy beetle

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